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Meet Girri! This four year-old Red-tailed Cockatoo has moved from our sister zoo, Taronga Western Plains Zoo, to join the team at Taronga’s Bird Show. He’s had his very own sea change, moving from the country to the coast.

The name Girri Girri means ‘very red’ and describes the vibrant colours in his tail. According to one Aboriginal Dreaming story this is attributed to their tails catching on fire as they escaped a place called ‘sickness country’ in Kakadu. The red is much more solid in a mature males’ tail than the females, as the girls have streaks of yellow and orange in their tails. One of their names means ‘painted lady’ because the girls are covered in pretty yellow spots.  

Girri’s role at Bird Show is being decided as he has a lot of spunk and a brilliant temperament. Today, Bird Show trainer, Grey , started to train him to be looked over by our vet staff voluntarily.

Cockatoos can be loud and will bite if they feel threatened or frustrated. But paying close attention to their body behaviour and learning a little about bird training will ensure both you and your companion parrot will understand each other.

We look very forward to getting to know Girri much better!

Bird Show Keeper, Brendan