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Seal at front of Seal Show

It is not the first time that I’ve watched the seal show at Taronga Zoo. Every time I see the show, it refreshes my mind, but one thing is never changed: Taronga’s ambitious efforts for sustainable marine life.

The show is a good way to educate people how important a future full of fish is. As the seal keeper in the show said today, one adult seal eats 7 kg fish every single day. It is a huge number, when compared to individual human consumption but just imagine if we didn’t have fish in the delicious seafood, a shortage of nutrition for everyone, the  breakdown of ecosystems and  empty oceans.

Thanks to the joint effort of Taronga Zoo and Woolworths, people are becoming more aware of the importance of marine conservation. After the show, I briefly spoke to some of the audience. All of them agreed with what Taronga Zoo calls for and said they will pay more attention when they are buying fish in the supermarket.  Some of the audience also said that they had already noticed products with blue MSC Ecolabel when they were shopping and bought the products.  I believe with our efforts in the future, marine life will be better for the animals in our oceans and for humans too.

Taronga has also just started to refurbish and paint two of the huge pools in Great Southern Oceans from 29th of April to 10th of June.  

Marine Mammal keeper Ryan said, special, non-toxic and environmental-friendly paint is being used to keep the pools looking great for the seals and visitors.

During this time, there will be no penguin or Leopard Seal keeper talk, instead visitors will be able to see a pelican keeper talk at 10.45am

Throughout these weeks, the twice daily Seal Shows will go ahead so visitors can enjoy the remarkable abilities of the seals and hear the sustainable seafood message.

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