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It's hard to believe that Taronga’s young Red Panada Seba will have his first birthday on the 6th December!

Now fully weaned onto his adult diet of bamboo and fruit, the youngster has now reached adult size and weight. When watching Seba in the lush exhibit with parents, Wanmei and Mayhem, it can be difficult to distinguish him by size alone. 

From an early age keepers spent time training him to enter a transport pack. This was done to ensure any future movements can be achieved by having Seba to walk into the transport pack calmly and stress-free. He certainly enjoys this conditioning and will often sit in the pet pack with his dad, Mayhem. True to the saying - 'like father like son' - both males are happy to enter, and sit in, the pet pack while eating grapes or a piece of pear.

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