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BJ and Frankie

BJ and Frankie

Look who is growing up fast! Our youngest goat, Frankie is now seven months old.

Her mum, BJ, wasn’t feeling too well after Frankie was born in August last year, so keepers had to look after her and feed her goat’s milk formula from a baby’s bottle.

Now she is all grown up and loves to eat lots of hay and vegetables just like her mum, uncle Diamond and friends Stephen and Aimee.

BJ is also happy and healthy again and mother and daughter love snuggling up next to each other.

You can visit BJ and Frankie, as well as their friends at the Farm Yard at Taronga’s Backyard to Bush precinct.

If you visit at 2pm you can even feed the goats their favourite vegetables during our daily Farm Feeds.

- Backyard to Bush Keeper, Bec Noad


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