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Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed the arrival of a female calf born in the early hours of Wednesday 17 February 2010 to first-time mother Bakhita.

We arrived at work on 17 February to find Bakhita and her newborn calf in excellent health. We estimate the calf to weigh approximately 30kg.

We’ve been giving the mother and calf lots of time to get to know each other. Whilst every birth is special, this calf is particularly so as she represents the second generation born to the Zoo’s breeding program. Her mother Bakhita was born at the Zoo in 2002.

Both mother and calf will remain off display in behind-the-scenes paddocks over the coming weeks to ensure that Bakhita has time to adapt to her new role as mother and that her calf can familiarise itself with its new surroundings.

When mother and calf are ready, most likely at about six weeks of age, they will be moved to the Zoo’s Black Rhino exhibit area so visitors can see this special youngster.

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