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Mandy, Taronga Western Plains Zoo 

Keepers today started their usual morning rounds only to find three tiny Barbary Sheep lambs had been born overnight.  The mothers and their lambs are all doing well and we've already seen the young ones suckling from mum which is a great sign.  The babies are very cute and are hiding in the rocky areas on the exhibit with mum keeping a close eye but over coming days they will start to get a bit more adventurous. 

lamb 1 low

The lambs went out with the rest of the herd this morning so it will be real treat for visitors to see three little ones in the one exhibit. 

lamb 2 low 

The Barbary Sheep lambs are the first spring babies at the zoo with more on the way hopefully.

lamb 4 low

Barbary Sheep are recognisable by their sandy brown colour and have shaggy hair on their throat and a mane.  Their horns are very distinctive, curving outwards and backwards and then inwards.

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