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Amazonia has come alive with Squirrel Monkeys

Amazonia has come alive with Squirrel Monkeys

It’s been a long time since Taronga Zoo has seen all three islands of Amazonia come alive with Squirrel Monkeys.

After a month in quarantine, our females are now living next to our resident male, Chico, with visual and vocal contact, allowing all the monkeys to become familiar with each other.

Over last few weeks we have slowly started introducing Chico back onto the islands and the females with whom he’ll be sharing this home.

It has been a very busy time for Chico, but he is coping well and we are introducing our females to him in small groups and at a slow place.

So far everyone is settling in nicely and all the monkeys are enjoying the freedom of the trees, foraging for insects in the branches and soaking up the sun.

Squirrel Monkey groups are dominated by the females, so our male certainly has his hands full.

If you do visit the zoo make sure you look out for these cheeky little monkeys in the trees of our Amazonian islands.

- Keeper, Lisa Ridley

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