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Squirrel Monkey

Taronga Zoo has recently received 12 female Squirrel Monkeys from a Zoo in France.

They will soon be introduced to our young male, Chico in the coming weeks, when they’ve completed quarantine.

Although Squirrel Monkeys aren't endangered, Taronga Zoo still has a commitment to the regional breeding program and with Chico ready for breeding he will certainly have his hands full with his new females.

Their home known as Amazonia has been having a face-lift over the last few weeks ready for the agile little monkeys, which are found in the wild in Central and South America where they can live in groups of up to 500.

These are exciting times, as it has been a long time since the trees of Amazonia has seen a large group of monkeys.

Get ready to watch the trees come alive with these energetic and curious little monkeys. 

-Keeper, Lisa Ridley. 

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