Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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St John's College students

Year 10 students from St John’s College converged on Sandy Beach at the Macquarie River today to learn about their local ecosystems and the importance of protecting our waterways and wetlands. 

The students rotated between different stations participating in hands-on workshops learning about responsible fishing, why wetlands are so important, water quality testing and getting a snapshot of the animals living in their local waterways including macro-invertebrates.

At each station the students had the opportunity to learn how to rig fishing rods, understand about fishing regulations, conduct sampling and observations of macro-invertebrates that live in the Macquarie River and test the quality of the water.  The students also got to meet some of the native animals that can be found in the Dubbo region including a Blue-tongued Lizard and Echidna.

The students gain a lot from the practical workshops because not only are they having fun but they are learning about the importance of protecting our waterways and eco-systems, and the little things they can do to make a difference.