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The youngest of Taronga’s chimpanzees, Sule has a special spot for for all of the keepers that look after him.
This week he followed Head Chimp keeper Lou the night dens as she planned for the group’s move back to their refurbished exhibit later this year.
Every corner Lou turned, Sule was there.
He pushed a stick through mesh to Lou and the two of them play-wrestled it until Lou won.
When she pushed it back to him, a knot got in the way and the little chimp grappled and fiddled it back inside the den.
Sule’s nearly three and sometimes gets pushed around by the slightly older female, Sembe.
“She’s just like all infants, humans and others alike, and can be a little nasty to him.  A few days ago, she pushed him into the mesh while we were playing. Then she runs to mum,” Lou said.
“Her mum’s Shiba. She’s tough and no one’s really game to take her on.”
Sule’s at it again, pushing the stick out to Lou.
Lou knows them all at a glance, but Sule’s a bit special.
He is, after all, the cutest chimp baby we have!!

Mark,  Zoo Communications

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