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Zebra foal born December 2013

Keepers are delighted by the arrival of three new Zoo babies this summer. Born across December the Addax calf, Wapiti fawn and Zebra foal are bringing a whole lot of cuteness into 2014.

The Addax calf is the second calf born in the herd over the last couple of months. The yet to be named calf is doing really well under the watchful eye of first time mother, Stara. She is really protective and ensuring the rest of the herd doesn’t get too close, including the other Addax calf born in November. Keepers expect as both calves grow there’ll be lots of play behaviour between the two.

The Wapiti fawn was born in early December to mother, Celine and father, Wallace, both who are experienced parents. Whilst the fawn has been shy and hidden from view for the first few weeks of its life, she is now starting to be seen more often especially in the morning.

The unnamed male Zebra foal was the most recent new arrival at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, born the week before Christmas. The foal is the third offspring for mother, Kijani, who is very attentive and nursing her young foal well. The foal is strong and calm and has created a lot of interest in the herd and will be a great play mate for Becca born earlier in 2013. 

All the new arrivals are on exhibit with their respective herds. A great time to see them is early in the morning when the Zoo opens as like most little ones they have lots of energy in the morning and then tend to sleep in the afternoon.