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Kerry and Ryan in Martin Place

Today is National Threatened Species Day and Martin Place has gone wild. I was there this morning and area was quite crowded people jamming the stalls to see all the wildlife. The little koala from Featherdale Wildlife Park resting in the trees was loved by residents and tourists alike.

The stalls were set up to help people to better appreciate Australian wildlife, such as Koalas, possums, Tassie devils, bearded dragons, Ruby the wombat and Brian the echidna.

Brian is a very special echidna. He came to Taronga Wildlife Hospital after he had been hit by a car. His carer tells us that Brian shouldn’t have even survived, but not only did the staff at Taronga save him, now Brian is thriving and helping to educate others about threats to wildlife in Australia.

Taronga zoo also brought Pythons, turtles, and life-size black rhino sculptures which are part of a new Taronga community initiative to help stop poaching.

The Australian Reptile Park and Featherdale also brought quokkas, lizards, snakes, wombats and dingo puppies and other furry and not so furry babies. Visitors are also able to get their photo taken with the animals and resident rhinos. Feel free to tweet us your picture with the #rhinos

- Galina, Intern 

Threatened Species Day Stars
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