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In the mornings we take the girls for a walk around the paddocks to keep them fit and active. They link together like a chain, head to tail.

Luk Chai loves to hang out with Tang Mo usually right next her belly, but during the morning walks he insists on being right under her feet. Tang Mo is really tolerant of him walking between her legs. She does a bit of an awkward waddle to make sure she doesn’t accidentally trample on him. Luk Chai doesn’t even try it with mum Thong Dee, he knows that she won’t put up with those sort of shenanigans!

As the herd walks around the paddocks Luk Chai occasionally gets distracted along the way. He’ll run over to investigate a tyre before bumping it with his head and then a minute later he'll notice that he’s been left behind and gallop ahead to catch-up to the herd, squeezing himself between Tang Mo’s feet again.

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