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Nuoc was helped by Taronga Keepers and reintroduced to her monkey family.

'Nuoc' The Francois Leaf-Monkey

Taronga’s dedicated François Leaf-monkey keepers recently farewelled ‘Nuoc’ an infant female born recently, who despite all efforts, failed to thrive. 

The infant had initially been cared for by keepers who realised not long after its birth on 3 March,  that the newborn wasn’t receiving enough sustenance from its mother. 

Despite numerous health set-backs, thanks to Taronga’s keepers and veterinarians, Nuoc gained strength and was able to be reintroduced back to the monkey group. However, shortly after returning to live alongside her mother, ‘Saigon’ and older siblings, Nuoc became lethargic, lost her appetite and late one afternoon took a sudden turn for the worse. Despite immediate veterinary assistance at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital, little Nuoc didn’t recover and the hard decision was made to let her go peacefully.

Since Nuoc’s passing, the Francois Leaf-monkey family has quickly bounced back and are exhibiting all their usual behaviours. Keepers suspect that the monkey group knew all along that Nuoc was ill but supported and nurtured her along the way and surprised keepers with the amazing interest and care that they continuously gave to baby Nuoc.


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