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Cable car rescue drill

Have you ever thought Taronga Zoo has amazing views? Well, Fire and Rescue NSW and some of our more daring  staff checked out the Zoo with the view from a whole different vantage point yesterday.

Although it looks like a daring rescue, don’t be alarmed because it was just one of our regular safety drills to practice rescuing people from the Sky Safari cable car in the event of an emergency or power failure.

Fire-fighters from Mosman, Crows Nest and Manly used the training exercise to practice rope rescues and familiarise themselves with their safety harness equipment. Our own Zoo staff are highly trained in a number of situations, including evacuating people from the cabins on our Sky Safari, but practicing side-by-side with fire-fighters on training days is invaluable. 

It was also quite a treat for zoo visitors, particularly the kids,  and staff to see the team in Action Mode, with Sydney Harbour as the spectacular backdrop.


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