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2012 in review:  

Platypus, Australia Image

For the Platypus… we taught kids in western NSW how to help protect waterways and conserve this precious species and we taught visitors at our Zoos how they can help protect its future.  

For the Great Barrier Reef… we collected coral sperm and embryonic cells, stored them cryogenically and are keeping them frozen in the CryoReserve at Taronga Western Plains  Zoo, in case they are needed to one day re-seed our unique reef.  

For the Eastern Bongo… with as few as 75 left in the wild, we helped as first-time mother, Djembe, gave birth to her new calf, bringing a third generation of Eastern Bongo to Taronga and helping the species secure a future foothold.

Bongo calf

For native Australian wildlife… we treated and cared for the 720 sick, injured and orphaned animals brought to the Taronga Wildlife Hospitals.  

For the Sumatran Rhino...  Taronga Vet, Benn, was on the ground to assist at the birth of Andatu, the first calf to be born at the Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary for this critically endangered species.  It’s just one of 14 global partnerships where, in addition to providing financial and administrative support, Taronga’s veterinarians, pathologists, keepers, and scientists are directly helping protect the wild.

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