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Tasmanian Devils head to San Diego Zoo

In October, four Tasmanian Devils from Taronga Western Plains Zoo were transferred to their new home at San Diego Zoo in the United States. The four Devils, all under four years of age, were flown to the USA and settled in well on arrival at their new home at San Diego Zoo. They appeared excited by their new exhibit and enjoyed digging up the new shrubs in their dens, which had been freshly planted!

Throughout the trip I accompanied the Tasmanian Devils on their journey as well as providing some training and husbandry  knowledge about looking after Tasmanian Devils to the San Diego Zoo keepers. This involved providing daily handling training, explaining how to behave around the animals, showing the keepers enrichment items the Devils enjoy and ways to modify the exhibit to provide lots of challenges for the animals.

As part of the transfer a San Diego Zoo keeper also came to Taronga Western Plains Zoo for the week before the transfer, to learn about the four animals heading their way and to also learn the techniques and methods to be care for these animals.

The Tasmanian Devils are now part of the Australian Outback exhibit at San Diego Zoo and will help show Americans the impact the deadly Devil Facial Tumour Disease is having on wild Devils in Tasmania.

Greg, Tasmanian Devil keeper