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Recently the Bird Show has enjoyed some rather windy days, a couple in excess of 50km/hr! Winds this strong can be a little hectic for our birds, and sin these instances some stars may not actually come out, but for others these winds make for the most exhilarating of aerial displays. We witnessed one of these just the other day with Konira, our two year old Andean Condor.

Our 50km/hr windy day really highlighted the fact that Konira is coming into her own. Check out the video and watch as Konira flies from her tower. Usually Konira would just glide promptly down to stage, but when the winds are in your favour you can’t blame her for enjoying them. In the video Konira is using the gusts to maintain her flight, it almost looks as if she is stuck in place! The more she is exposed to these winds the more confident she’ll become. The Bird Show team is extremely excited with Konira’s efforts. We’re looking forward to bigger and better things, and would love for you to come by and maybe catch Konira when she’s at her best too.


Konira was hand-raised here at Taronga Zoo, and is the younger sister of Leslie, our veteran Andean Condor that can often be seen in our 12PM show. Andean Condors are a type of vulture and it is common for this species to soar hundreds of kilometres, hours at a time, in search for recently deceased animals. As a vulture, birds like Konira and Leslie do not hunt and kill their own prey but rely on the leftover carcasses from other predators. They stop the spread of disease, leaving us with healthy wildlife populations. Having a bald head means any muck that sticks to their face while they’re eating simply dries and flakes off protecting these majestic birds from the risk of disease.

- Bird Trainer, Brendan

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