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At three months of age today our second elephant calf Pathi Harn now clocks in at a whopping 226kgs and is a healthy bundle of fun, energy and noise.

He’s a really great calf with so much to learn. And learning is something that he’s doing a lot of by constantly mimicking mother Porntip, the aunts and companion, Luk Chai. Things such as watching them drink from the moat, eating pineapple tops or seeing Luk Chai balance on a log is what Pathi Harn attempts to do only moments after watching the behaviours himself. 

When they are all out in the elephant paddock together, Pathi Harn tends to hang out with Luk Chai who turns one in July and weighs a considerable 438kgs. That's nearly half a tonne! Where you would think that the older calf would be the one to hassle and play rough. in this case it seems to be the other way around. The more mature of the two, Luk Chai, goes about his business with Pathi Harn in tow making sure he doesn’t miss out on anything. They can generally be seen playing on the dirt mounds, in the mud wallow or over and around their favourite logs, which Luk Chai is great at balancing on. This can sometimes seem as his place of rest away from Pathi Harn who cannot yet maintain his balance on the long logs. 

It has only been in the last couple of days that Pathi Harn has discovered that he can make noises. As with any youngster there isn’t too much control of what comes out but we can say that in Pathi Harn’s case he’s doing it a lot and it’s getting louder. He has a habit of putting his little ears forward, lifting his trunk up in the air and making a tiny squeaking sound that'll one day be a fully-fledged trumpeting. This vocalising is generally due to excitement and can sometimes happen after a little gallop around.

- Zoo Communications

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