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Time has flown by as keepers try to keep up with baby Francois Langur, Ganju’s amazing progress. Yesterday, he celebrated his three week birthday, a big milestone in any infants life.

Keepers watch on in awe as Saigon continues to be a doting mother with her new parenting skills and instincts, making us all proud. The first few days after the birth, Saigon did seem to be a little confused with just what to do with her orange bub, but now Saigon supports his body against her chest as we would expect to see from a mother in the wild.

Little Ganju is becoming more animated with each passing day. He is gripping on to his mother, playing with her hair and even tugging on her ears. He has learnt the necessity to hold his legs up on mum, as not to get sat on (this lesson was learnt quickly and vocally as Ganju cried his discontent) and is becoming accustomed to mums big leaps through the trees in their exhibit.

Just last week Ganju experienced rain for the first time, pocking his head out to explore, while mum did her best to keep him warm and dry bundled up in her arms.

Ganju is highly alert, bright eyed and when he actually stops suckling (which is not often- he sure has an appetite!) loves watching the world around him.

By Roxanne (Primate Keeper)

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