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Kembali takes a cool dip

I noticed when I visited the tigers, which have swapped exhibits with the lions, a couple of black horizontal stripes with a vertical one, on one tiger’s forehead. With my Chinese heritage, the stripes reminded me of a Chinese Character “王” , means “King”, which represents as prowess and admiration. In Western culture, the lion is also seen as a King.

This made it very interesting to see how two “Kings” react when they swap exhibits. The two Kings behaved differently. The Lions seemed to get used to their new environment very quickly, choosing favourite spot to sit watching people walking at the front of their exhibit.

While the tigers, they seemed more inquisitive. Again and again, they explored the exhibit, with its different scents and sights. Thanks to the tigers’ mother Jumilah, young male Kembali, and female Kartika didn’t feel too unsafe. But are just like kids with lots of curiosities finding new things in their new places, investigating and then trashing a stand of colocasia or Elephant Ear plants.

Jumilah and her shadow, Kembalei


Kembali, Kartika and their brother, Sakti will be two years old in August. All three are in great condition, with just a hint of the softer fur of cubs. Despite their rapidly approaching adulthood, Kembali, the son, is still enjoying his mother, the elegant mature adult tiger with sleek pelt, Jumilah’s, company. Even when Jumilah groans or growls for her own space he is still licking his mother’s face and following her around.

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