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Taronga Zoo's General Manager Wildlife Conservation, Will Meikle, with 18 other zoo keepers and managers riding from Sydney to the Gold Coast for Australasia's zoos and aquariums to raise awareness of wildlife in National Threatened Species Week. Catch his regular blogs over coming days:

Leaving to ride as a group to visit Billabong Koala and Wildlife Park, Port Macquarie I suffered acute embarrassment after leading the group off and  being asked to stop to allow some others to get ready. Unlocked right foot from cleat and then balance to the left as you pull up. What's wrong with this equation? Liting myself from the pavement with injuries that would put others off the road for days (never mind the bruised ego)  we pushed on along  the wet road from recent rain to be met by local media and a selection of native animals. Mark Stone led a tour of the Wildlife Park's facilities including his breeding Eastern Quolls. Mum paraded around her exhibit with her youngsters hanging on to her teats for dear life! This species is no longer found on the mainland, now it is only found in the wild in Tasmania where the recent introduction of foxes may further threaten the survival of the remaining population.
Due to roadworks and the narrow single lane highway the group drove to Coffs Harbour to visit Pet Porpoise Pool, another ZAA wildlife organisation.

By Will Meikle

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