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We've recreated the mud wallow just in time for some warm, weather fun!

When we freshened up the elephants' paddock with organic topsoil two weeks ago, the mud wallow had to be filled in. Yesterday, we created a new watery, muddy mess for the elephants to play in again. Luck Chai was the first one in, loving being hosed with cool water, climbing all over his aunties and splashing and wriggling around in the mud.

Tang Mo and Pak Boon were more than happy to be his muddy companions, rolling and thrashing around with Luk Chai, even throwing some mud too. Mel, one of the keepers got in the way of the mud slinging and was covered top to toe in mud just like the elephants were.

Luk Chai would sometimes run out to join his mum, Thong Dee who was strolling around the rest of the paddock but then he would run straight back to the wallow again to join in the fun.

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