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Nick, Keeper

In the early hours of the morning on Tuesday this week, the Zoo welcomed a male Bison calf into the world.

We discovered the male calf when we arrived at work on Tuesday morning and both mother and calf were doing well.  The calf named Shilah meaning brother in native American went out on the exhibit with the Bison herd that very same day, to the delight of visitors. 

Mother Shashone is very experienced with Shilah being her third calf and she was not letting him wander too far from her protection.

As Shilah grows he will start to get more independent and begin to explore the exhibit and bond with the other animals in the herd.

At present Shilah looks similar to a domestic calf, but as he develops he will end up at a similar size to his father, Cherokee-Bob who weighs around 1500kgs.

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