Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Leopard seal tile

A Zoo themed special will air tonight on Catalyst, ABC 1 at 8:00pm.

Filmed at different zoos around the world, Taronga’s efforts for wildlife research and conservation is showcased.

Viewers will learn about the research and training taking place with Taronga’s Leopard Seals, the only Leopard Seals to be cared for by a Zoo anywhere in the world. 

Taronga’s amphibian expert, Michael McFadden introduces Catalyst host, Dr. Paul Willis to one of Australia’s most endangered animals, the Corroboree Frog, showcasing the insurance breeding program taking place at Taronga to help bring these frogs back from the brink of extinction and Taronga’s Dr. Rebecca Spindler talks about the myriad of conservation and research projects the zoos are involved in.