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Willa is a 7 month old Swamp Wallaby and cute as a button. Up until now Willa has been cared for by Inspector Skye Adams at the RSPCA. Her life is now beginning at the zoo and when she is big enough she will be introduced to the other wallabies in our Australian Walk Through exhibit.

Willa came in for a vet check at the zoo’s clinic recently.  It really wasn’t something that she enjoyed but Willa is doing very well and she weighs just under 2 kg.

For the past few days Willa has been settling into her new surroundings. She is quite social and likes to know what’s going on around her, so sleeping isn’t her priority right now. Wallabies generally would like to take little naps throughout the day, but not Willa. Last night for the first time in the car on the way home she put her head down in her sack and went to sleep like I would expect a baby wallaby to do.

Everything is new to me as well at the moment. Willa and I are trying to become familiar with each other’s personalities. We are both getting there, we are spending 24 hours a day together, Willa comes home with me during the night and during the day she generally hangs in a specially made pouch next to my desk.

I am lucky most of the hard work has been taken care of by Skye, she was the one to have all those sleepless nights. Willa is on 4 bottles a day and starting to eat some grevillea.

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