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New koala and kangaroo joeys at Taronga Zoo’s Wild Australia are just beginning to poke their noses out into the winter chill from their mothers’ pouches.

For the past two months, Zoo photographer Lorinda Taylor has captured the remarkable development of the pouch young. Weeks before the joeys emerged from their mothers’ pouches Lorinda would visit the wallabies and koalas to get them use to her being close enough to photograph their youngsters when they emerged.

Lorinda gets into Zoo uniform to blend in with the Australian Fauna staff and Keeper Lyn regularly assists by encouraging the mothers over to Lorinda with a few maize treats on offering.

The unique image gallery features koala joey ‘Lillian’ who was just six months old when these photos were taken. She’s so tiny that she could fit in your cupped hands.

lillian 250

The other youngster is ‘Hannah’ a Red-neck Wallaby born to mother ‘Sweet-Pea’ who lives at the Kangaroo Walkabout. If you look closely you’ll see that Hannah is initially almost hairless, the colouration is hair follicles beginning to grow. A few weeks later she is velvet furred and in the last images she’s getting very curious about the outside world.

hannah 250 peaking out

Just this week, Keepers report that she’s just started to venture from mum’s pouch and another joey, a swamp wallaby, is just beginning to emerge too.

Follow the progress week by week at "Taronga’s Winter Joeys 2010 set:

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