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Kristie, TWPZ Wildlife Clinic

In early April, a member of the public brought in a wombat which had been hit by a car.  The wombat had head injuries and couldn’t use his legs correctly. 

Initially vet nurses had to feed the male wombat with a syringe using a special herbivore formula and was given an anti-inflammatory medication because the injuries stopped the animal eating.  The wombat also had daily neurological exams to monitor progress.  As it improved the wombat was moved to a larger area and offered hay, carrots, corn and sweet potato.  It became obvious that it had also suffered vision impairment from the accident, but this has improved over time.

Now the youngster will be heading to a rehabilitation facility where carers will assess his ability to be released. 

This is a great result an accident that could have ultimately claimed the life of this animal.

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