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As we are heading full steam towards Christmas, I thought we should focus on some Christmas-themed enrichment you can use this festive season for your pets.

Cardboard boxes that you can use at any time of the year can be covered in Christmas paper, if you are giving your pet a gift, you may like to hide it in the box. Try to avoid metallic or cellophane papers and use minimal sticky tape.

What about a Christmas cracker? Simply cover a cardboard roll from a paper towel or a toilet roll with wrapping paper, leaving extra at the ends, add their favourite treat and twist the ends. These two ideas are great for dogs and cats, but I have also seen Rabbits have a go too.

Another Christmas treat for dogs and cats, and will also helps your pets cool downs, is a milk icicle made into a festive shape. Just use watered down pet’s milk and add a little food colouring (red or green), mix and pour it into a star- shaped mould and freeze.

Try baking your own dog or cat treats. There are plenty of recipes online and use a tree or star cookie cutter to add that Christmas flair.

Challenge yourself to create exciting meals for your pets! Our keepers have gotten creative with Christmas-themed treats

Birds and small animals can have an edible string of food to decorate their environment! Slice their favourite foods thinly (eg. sweet potato, apple, pear, popcorn) use a cookie cutter to make a Christmas shape and use natural twine and a needle to thread the pieces on. Popcorn you can also colour using food dye, so you could alternate with red and green coloured popcorn!\Do remember with all new enrichment, you need to supervise your pet the first few times they use it to ensure they are not swallowing pieces that they shouldn’t.

Our pets enjoyed sniffing out their hidden snacks!

Remember at Christmas to ensure that your pets only receive fresh and healthy food. Cooked bones and many human foods such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, mushrooms and onion are very toxic to our beloved pets so ensure they are safe during this festive season.Deb
Carnivore Keeper 

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