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You may not be aware but weeds are a problem in Sydney. Why is it such a problem? Weeds are plants that are not native to the Australian bushland and are known to decrease the biodiversity of native flora and fauna. Weeds disrupt the growth of native plants and in turn remove the niches  of our precious native animals.

Bushcare is a very rewarding experience and brings a sense of satisfaction as the activities performed plays a big role in controlling these weeds, hence conserving our natural environment.  That is why it is important for us, the Taronga Zoo Bushcare group, to get together every month to deal with the issue.

This month our group did a great job in controlling some significant weeds (Green cestrum, Lantana, and Madera vines). Moreover, we regenerated a previously weed infested area with young native plants. Hopefully with our tender loving care they will flourish and improve the area significantly.

volunteer removing madeira vine

Volunteer removing madeira vine

volunteers planting

Volunteers planting

If you like what we do, come join us next month on the 16th of May.

Thanks again to all those who volunteered this month and hope to see you again.

Taronga Zoo's Volunteer Bushcare Team

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