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Meet June (named after legendary songstress June Carter), our first new addition to the Red-necked Wallaby collection here at Taronga Zoo for this year. She was born in January to mum Emmy-Lou and dad Jed.  

We have been following her progress ever since we discovered her as a small ‘pinky’, about the size of a jellybean, nestled up inside mum’s pouch during a routine check in March. And she certainly hasn’t disappointed us. She grew and developed right on schedule and, after several weeks of just poking her little head out, she  finally emerged from mum’s pouch in late July to take her  first tentative steps on those extremely long legs.


After much practice and more than a few comical wipe-outs she has nearly mastered the art of hopping and  is currently more than living up to her name as a bouncing joey, spending a good deal of her day zipping around her enclosure.

She can normally be seen at the Australian Walkthrough, fearlessly exploring every nook and cranny. It is being renovated at the moment but you’ll catch June investigating the changes to her home from the 14th of September onwards. 

She has also proven to be as friendly and gregarious as her hand-raised mother and can frequently be seen alongside mum in the middle of the footpath posing for photos and demanding pats and cuddles from passers by. But when it all gets to be too much and she needs a little nap mum is still always close at hand for a warm drink and a comfy bed.


To see more exclusive photos of June, and to catch up with her adventures at the zoo, head to TarongaZoo on Flickr. You can also keep up with all the latest exploits of the animals at Taronga by following us on Twitter.


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All photos by Lorinda Taylor

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