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Easter food puzzle

It was treats all round for the animals at Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Easter, with keepers providing special egg-shaped piñatas for the animals over the long weekend. 

The piñatas were created by the Zoo’s volunteers, who had been busy making the Easter-inspired enrichment piñatas of all shapes and sizes for smaller animals such as Meerkats and Otters through to Tigers and Elephants!

Zoo keepers often provide novel objects to engage the animals’ senses, provoke thought and create a catalyst for extra activity and exploration within their environments. All of these enrichment items are designed to encourage an animal’s natural behaviours and skills such as puzzle solving or foraging.

Inside each of the piñatas was a treat for the respective animals. The Meerkats enjoyed finding mealworms inside their piñata and the carnivores had more meaty treats to find.





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