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Giraffe calf running

There have been a number of new additions to our Zoo this year. With the school summer holidays coming up, now is a great time to come and meet the new youngsters which are growing up fast!

The youngsters include a Giraffe calf, Zebra foal, Addax calf, Siamang Ape baby, Barbary Sheep lambs, Blackbuck fawns and two Meerkat pups.

The Giraffe calf named Fanana, meaning ‘to resemble’ in Swahili, was born late in August. Originally quite shy, he is now very curious about his surroundings and is enjoying getting to know his fellow friends and family. You can often see him running around, trying out his newfound speed and agility.

Neo (meaning ‘gift’ in the Setswana language) is another recent addition to the Zebra herd. Having been on display since the day he was born, Neo is enjoying the attention and is quite playful, especially in the mornings.

There are also two Addax calves, born in May and August this year. This species is critically endangered in the wild, so each birth is an important milestone celebrated at the Zoo. Both calves have settled in to their herd well.

Perhaps the most vocal residents here, the Siamang Apes, have a new voice in their chorus. Lima is the fifth Siamang Ape born at the Zoo and is enjoying his new-found celebrity status.

So if you are searching for a way to keep the kids entertained over these summer school holidays, come and spend a day meeting Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s newest members.