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Come along and listen to guest speaker Dr Larry Vogelnest, Senior Veterinarian at Taronga Zoo, speak about Climate Change at the Animal in Art forum titled A Changing World, Thursday 5 August 2010at 7pm at the Western Plains Cultural Centre. 

Dr Larry Vogelnest will talk about his research in Antarctica to understand more about the effects of climate change on pack ice seals. 

In 2009, Dr Vogelnest was part of a project investigating the ecology of Leopard Seals on the Antarctic Peninsula for an international program to look at the impact of climate-induced glacial melting on marine and terrestrial coastal communities on the Western Antarctic Peninsula. 

He studied Leopard Seals hauled out on ice floes with 21 seals anaesthetised and 18 satellite trackers fitted to the animals. Using these trackers, the team will be able to assess habitat preference, diving behaviour, foraging ecology and the impact of a changing environment on this species.  

Animal in Art forum entry is by gold coin donation.  

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