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Just four weeks ago we were excited to arrive at work and see that Umi, the Zoo’s resident female Meerkat had given birth to three little pups.

The pups have been in the den with mother, Umi, with father, Mapoto tending to the nest along with the subordinate male, Brock.

Umi is an experienced mother and is doing a great job raising her offspring.  We are very happy with the group, as they are working well together to ensure the pups are being properly cared for.

With the weather warming up over the past couple of days the little ones have been venturing out from their den into the exhibit with Umi exploring their new environment.

The pups will grow up fast reaching full size by about four months of age, so visitors should come out over the next couple of months to see these special new arrivals.

Meerkat Keeper Simon - Keeper

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