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Siamang Ape baby

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s vocal residents, Siamang Apes, Puteri and Saudara, have something more to sing about with the arrival of a new baby. 

The yet to be named infant was born in the early hours of the morning on Friday 15 June 2012. 

Keepers came across the new arrival on their morning rounds which was a special moment for them.

“Puteri and Saudara’s last offspring was born about six years ago.  We had a suspicion she was pregnant however we weren’t 100% sure, so it was amazing to see the little one clinging on to mum,” said keeper Nerida Taylor. 

At almost two weeks of age, keepers and veterinary staff are very happy with the health of the baby.  The baby is doing all the right things suckling and holding on tight to its mother.

“The baby Siamang Ape is doing very well.  Puteri and Saudara are experienced parents and are doing a wonderful job caring for the baby.”

“Over the coming weeks the baby will become more and more aware of his/her surroundings and start to vocalise more along with its parents,” said Nerida.

This new arrival is the fifth Siamang Ape born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo to Puteri and Saudara.

“The Siamang Ape baby can be seen on exhibit and a great time to see this new arrival is at the Siamang Ape Feed at 12:35pm every day during the school holidays,” said Nerida.

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