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Lima the Siamang Ape turns two

Recently, Lima the Siamang Ape celebrated turning two years old! He is now very independent and able to get around the two islands with ease on his own, but generally prefers the same island as his parents. Whilst he is very agile and confident with his climbing and swinging ability he still enjoys playing with his mum and dad from time to time. Lima even likes a cuddle with mum when it is cold and rainy!

Keepers love to see him when he gets excited, as he will often do a little roll down the hill or spin around in excitement. Lima has also started joining in on the territorial call his parents make throughout the day. Whilst he starts calling with his mum and dad at the beginning he often gets bored before the call ends and goes to see what food he can find around the exhibit before his parents can!

Lima is definitely a mini version of his father and is growing and developing well. In the wild he would remain with his parents for another couple of years yet before setting off to find his own mate. So it will be sometime before these parents are empty nesters!