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Zuleta, Taronga's newly-named Andean Condor chick

Zuleta, Taronga's newly-named Andean Condor chick

It’s been a long time coming, but our Andean Condor chick has finally been given a name – Zuleta.

No more will she need to be referred to as “she-that-is-yet-to-be-named”, hurrah! People may have started searching for her Horcruxes.

Suggested by Zaylee Sykes as part of our naming competition run on Taronga’s social media, ‘Zuleta’ is a small community in Ecuador that has a breeding program for the Andean Condor. According to Zaylee there are only 50-60 Andean Condors remaining in Ecuador, and she believes choosing this name is a great way of recognising this effort, as well as highlighting international efforts.

The Bird Show team definitely agrees with Zaylee’s sentiments, and would like to thank you Zaylee for your considerate name choice, as well as all other supporters that suggested names on Facebook and Instagram.

Zuleta is now spending more of her time out of the nest box with mum and dad, Connie and Bruce. Most of this time is spent exploring her home, or sunning herself as she spreads her already stunning wingspan.

Andean Condor wingspans are one of the largest in the world, reaching a length of 3-metres tip-to-tip.

Zuleta is part of an international breeding program, so she is unlikely to remain at Taronga Zoo, but we are excited about the time we do get to spend with her until she heads off to have her own chicks. Until then, she is still a brilliant ambassador for her species.

- Bird Show keeper, Brendan Host

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