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Macheo turns one

Macheo the White Rhino calf is celebrating a special milestone on 14th May – it’s his first birthday! Macheo was born to mother, Mopani in the early hours of the morning this time last year and has flourished ever since. At birth he weighed just 50kgs but now weighs an estimated 300kgs! 

Over the past year Macheo has fitted into the herd well, although he doesn’t really venture too far from his mother’s side. Visitors will often spot both mother and calf together grazing and even sleeping together in the sun. Whilst Macheo is definitely part of the herd, his keepers describe him as very cheeky and, because his mother is the ‘boss’ of the herd, he gets away with quite a bit. Mopani will always come to his defence, especially when he is interacting with the other members of the herd. 

Macheo will continue to stay with his mother and the rest of the herd for up to four years before he is fully weaned. He is already eating hay and has been doing so from around four months of age. Macheo participates in the daily encounter to the delight of visitors and will continue to be a popular animal with visitors as he grows and develops.

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