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Swamp wallaby joey in care

Keeper Natacha Richards has the important task of hand-raising six month old Swamp Wallaby joey, Mirrawa. The joey was found separated from her mother in the exhibit at the Zoo.

Keepers attempted to reunite the joey with her mother were unsuccessful and so they took over the caring role of this youngster.

Currently she is being fed five times a day with a special milk specifically for wallabies. Mirrawa is also starting to chew on soft new growth leaves of a few natives such as Bottlebrush.

Hand-raising any animal is a tough but rewarding job. Patience is definitely something that goes hand in hand with caring for a young joey but it is so rewarding to see her growing up and gaining strength.

Mirrawa will remain in care until she is about eight months old and then she will be introduced back to the Aussie Walkthrough exhibit to join the other wallabies.