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Elephant barn under construction

The barn in the new Elephant facility at Taronga Western Plains Zoo is taking shape with the walls of the building now in place and the roof installation under way.

Over the past month, 35 concrete panels ranging in weight from 6 to 18 tonnes have been lifted into place by a large crane. These concrete panels make up the walls of the new barn, which is being built for the four Asian Elephants that will be coming to Dubbo from Taronga Zoo next year.

Over the coming months the internal fit-out of the barn will take place with the fences and sliding gates being installed for the three stalls as well as the corridors the elephants will use to move from one location to another.

The construction of the new paddocks is also progressing well with the smaller of the two paddocks ready to have turf laid this month and the finishing touches to the fencing and pool taking place on the back paddock.

The construction of the new facility is set to be completed by the end of the year with the four Asian Elephants expected at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in the first half of 2015.