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Addax calf born Sept 2014

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has welcomed a female Addax calf to the herd on 15 September 2014. This is the first calf for mother Tibbutoo, who is displaying all the right maternal behaviours in caring for her calf. This birth is quite significant, not only does it boost the population of this critically endangered species at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, but because this is the first calf for Tibbutoo it has expanded the genetic diversity in the herd as well.
For the first couple of weeks of its life, Tibutoo has stashed the calf in the longer grass or behind a log on exhibit. This is a natural behaviour that Addax do in the wild to protect their young from predators, and recently it has started to be seen more with the Zoo herd.
There are now 11 Addax in the exhibit herd, which has grown dramatically over the past two years with six calves being born during this time.