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Kylie the Keeper meets the Dinosaurs

What!?!? I'm not playing...I'm testing the fun factor. Wind-Up Dinosaur toys are always fun...especially to race. 

Having the Dinos here is just so awesome! If you haven't come in to see them yet - you should. It will so make your week.

We have such a great range of Dinosaur toys and products in stock this summer so don't miss out on a cuddly version of your favourite dinosaur! I'm always too small for the fun costumes but our new Dinosaur Mask and Tails are beyond cool!!

Kylie the Keeper works closely with Tamika Harris to bring you the latest exciting updates from the Taronga retail store. Each retail purchase helps Taronga Zoo care for wildlife and protect the natural world.

Follow Kylie on Instagram: @Keeper_Kylie. 

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