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Tamika Harris
Kylie has Sole

Who would of ever thought, that something like this washed up thong on the beach, could be made into art?
Well, that's what Ocean Sole has done.
Ocean Sole supports local artists in Kenya who collect discarded and lost thongs from beaches and waterways, clean them up and transform them into these AWESOME creations.
The Taronga Zoo Shop is lucky enough to have some the Ocean Sole's creations displayed. So come on in and check them out.
These sculptures come in small ($19.95) and large ($44.95) sizes and make for an unusual and unique gift as no two are the same. 
My favourite is the lion. 

Kylie the Keeper works closely with Tamika Harris to bring you the latest exciting updates from the Taronga retail store. Each retail purchase helps Taronga Zoo care for wildlife and protect the natural world.

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