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Tamika Harris

Kylie and the gorillas

Did you know that Taronga Zoo is in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute?
We are part of a program called "They're Calling on You" that encourages you to recycle your old mobile phones, that  help the gorillas in the wild and their ever shrinking habitat. Mobile phones contain the metal coltan, mined from the same area as the Gorillas.
Each time you recycle a mobile phone, the need for coltan is less...which is a good thing. Less coltan needed, less mining, more habitat and more gorillas.  So next time you visit Taronga, pick up one of our "They're Calling on You" postage bags located at the retail stores and the Gorilla Forest exhibit to send in your old phones. 
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Kylie the Keeper works closely with Tamika Harris to bring you the latest exciting updates from the Taronga retail store. Each retail purchase helps Taronga Zoo care for wildlife and protect the natural world.

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