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Kerry Staker
YATZ watch as the Regent Honeyeaters are released

Today was the day everyone had been waiting for. Two years of hard work and dedication were about to pay off. An early morning start and light rain did not dampen spirits. It was release day! Before the birds were released we had a briefing for the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Dean from Birdlife Australia and Michael Shiels from Taronga spoke to the small crowd.
We sat 15 meters away from the tents so as not to spook the birds while two lucky YATZ, Bella and Jayden,  along with Taronga Keepers, opened the tents. Unlike previous years, when the birds left the tents hours later, this year's birds surprised us and left the tents within minutes before searching for food and shelter. It was very exciting to see one group of about 8 birds all fly out together. We watched and waited for most of the other birds to leave throughout the morning! By the end of the day, the keepers reported to us that all the birds had left their tents.

By Ryan Adamson - YATZ