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Rebecca Russell-Cook
Cotton Top on scales

Today was weigh-in day for our Cotton Top Tamarins at the Education Centre. Everyone feels differently when it comes time to step on the scales but for our four brothers who live at our Education Centre, weighing time is an exciting time! Each has been conditioned to climb onto the scales where they get their favourite treats which include sultanas and meal worms. Cotton Top Tamarins are omnivores and love to eat invertebrates as well as fruits and veggies, giving them a healthy well rounded diet. Mealworms and sultanas are particular favourites, making them the perfect choice for enticing them onto the scales. The brothers are weighed monthly as part of their regular health checks, but being trained to hop onto the scales also helps us if they are feeling a bit under the weather. When you weigh less than 600 grams any weight loss, no matter how small, can be an indicator of a larger problem so regular sessions with the scales are important for keeping these guys in top shape!

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