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Two tailed ring tail?

No this isn't a photo of a two tailed possum – it's Atticus the Ringtail Possum with his twin sister Gabriella hiding underneath! Cats and cars at night time are a big problem for a lot of natives species like possums and sadly Atticus and Gabriella’s mum was struck and killed by a car. Luckily someone found them still alive in her pouch and brought them to Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital where they were hand raised by staff. These adorable twins now inspire our visitors who meet them at Backyard to Bush and teach them about responsible pet ownership and being careful when driving in areas with wildlife. In addition, any time you see a marsupial fatality on the roads it always pays to stop and check to see if there are young in the pouch. As far as cats go, you can reduce the number of kills they make in half simply by keeping them indoors at night and attaching a bell to their collars. These small changes can make a big difference in the lives of animals like Atticus and Gabriella! - Keeper, Bec Noad

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