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Rescued Green Sea Turtle

Back in March this year, Taronga Zoo took in five Green Sea Turtles who had all been orphaned and found washed up on Sydney beaches around the time of heavy storms early in the year.

We are very happy to say that although some were in critical conditions when they arrived, all five are doing very well now and learning to swim well despite three of them being amputees due to attacks in the wild.

The Sea Turtles should have been in Queensland at that time of year but rough seas pushed them of course and the five were found on different beaches around Sydney.

The Turtles have been nick named after the locations they were found, being:
Stanwell Park Beach - Stan
Cronulla - Nulla
South Cronulla - Sully
Port Stephens – Stephen
Bondi - Bondi... (creative, we know).

The Taronga Wildlife Hospital will keep them in their care until they are big enough and strong enough swimmers to survive in the wild. Currently all of the turtles can swim to the bottom of the pool that they are in, which is a necessary survival skill in the wild. They will be released when they are approx 10kg and in Summer, when the water is warmest.

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