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Tiger in the pond

These guys know how to keep it cool while Sydney’s temperatures are soaring. After experiencing temperatures that reached 45 degrees in Sydney over the weekend, Taronga’s Wildlife Keepers have plenty of fun ways to keep the animals cool.

The Elephants love to have a mud bath or get in the water underneath the waterfall and splash around. Keep your distance though because they love to shoot water out of their trunks and you may get wet if you stand too close.

Just like your own little ones, Taronga’s residents give the lick of approval to ice blocks filled with frozen fruits. The Seals love to play around with “fish-cicles”, the Giraffes and Hippos are treated with carrot ice blocks, the Chickens eat corn-filled ice blocks, while the 17-strong chimpanzee troop were handed frozen fruit juice and three small-clawed otters sucked on "prawn-cicles" made of frozen prawns.

Taronga Zoo's Koalas enjoyed a sprinkler wafting cool water over their trees, while the Tigers preferred to lay around in the pond.

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